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one-channel video in loop

color, sound

8’ 39’’


Holding still is not just a simple stop. It is continuing the sate just arrived at, conscious committing of just committed while the action seems absent. In this sense, stillness became a transition in a process of becoming rather than a point. Motion lives in stillness. The dynamic potentiality of stillness activates participation spaces shifting feeling of time. 
It is a one-channel video shot on dried-up vineyards during the trip across the Crimea. The basis of work is an experience of communication with locals whose thoughts expressed solely in a subjunctive mood. 
The sound repeatedly utters and distorts a phrase which was articulated nearly word-for-word in each talk. 
The work refers, on the one hand, to the nonreflective apolitical mode of existence when all markers are blurred or absent, but there are the general complaint and feeling that something is not right. And, on the other hand, offers alternative experience of self-construction, creation of potential to action through experience of stillness. This stillness is not a sentimental return to something lost in ceaseless "drive" of the contemporaneity, but a somatic experience of stay in a prezens, in which fears from the future do not alter the present time any more. The main question, who can perceive this experience? Who is this perceiving subject?

The project was shown at the group exhibition called Modeling the Space/

Curator Kristiva Vronskaya/ April12—20, 2018 / Berthold Center, St. Petersburg, Russia/

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© 2017 by Ilina Chervonnaya

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