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Shifting Sands


pieces of furniture

sand, glue

cut palm leaves

one-channel video in loop

color, sound of electronic drug



The artist creates an enchanted space setting it as a waiting room with furniture covered in sand. The video projection shows turbid-green water in which a viewer's eye, on the one hand, is caught by palm trees - a symbol of standard desire - reflected on the water surface, but on the other hand, is locked in depths of computer-generated wave. Acoustic treatment by the sound of electronic drug stimulates particular state of catalepsy.

Shifting sands can be understood as a metaphor for fear. If caught into shifting sands, the more you move the deeper you run into it. So the common sense chooses the strategy to stand still and not change the state of things. Acceptance and surrender come instead of attempts to struggle. But the pouring sand also buries old memories and carries a hope for renewal.

Probably, a “drunken sleep, stretched out on some strip of the sand shore”* is not the solitary alternative to tranquil dream concomitant with increased suggestibility.

* quotation from Arthur Rimbaud’s “A Season in Hell”

The project was shown at the self-organized pop-up exhibition called Borderline Conditions/ April 5—16, 2017/ MERES multifunctional space, Nicosia, Cyprus/

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.

© 2017 by Ilina Chervonnaya

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