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Cyprus Amber Incubation Spa~ce

The world has less time left. Travel now! Let’s fly away!


Travel slogans

I dreamed that everything was just an acceptable error and vibration of the universe. There was no density of sensations on which we could rely every moment. And I felt as a kind of floundering beam in timelessness, which just got sick and thus disembosomed all the environment. I was in a kind of universal lazaret for correction and recovery.


From a friend’s WhatsApp message


Little fly

Thy summer’s play

My thoughtless hand

Has brush’d away


Am not I

A fly like thee?

Or art not thou

A man like me


William Blake The Fly (1794)



Over the past decades the world has experienced a wellness industry boom. An increasing number of travelers seek to relieve stress and recover from the after-effects of modern life. Spa treatments have become an omnipresent service and a touristic attraction. In the Nordic countries especially, spa days may well compensate for the small number of days with favorable weather conditions. Health, beauty and youth are the prominent luxury offerings in the scarce market for ecological purity.

But what is the meaning of such a wellness boom? How does it relate to ecological anxiety? Is it an attempt to doze off, to wash one’s hands and minds off the traumatic reality? Or, is it an honest effort to calm down, to soothe our irritated, annoyed and nervous bodies? Even if an extreme and unpredictable climate is looming ahead there still exists a shared fantasy about a gentle, mild-tempered and affectionate chimerical Nature, serving the chosen ones whose bodies are spinning in the foamy whirlpool of self-contained escapism.

Cyprus Amber Incubation Spa~ce is an unusual, phantasmagoric treatment place resembling a spa salon. It is a space where mutation and transformation become possible by the agency of ‘therapeutic’ devices/tools/elements and with the help of lovingly absurd healing procedures based on the properties of Cyprus Amber. While amber in the traditional sense is a fossilized derivative of extinct trees, Cyprus Amber is a real yet inaccessible substance of the modern age. A weird, fantastic and mystical derivative of plastic, ultraviolet light, increased salinity, extreme temperature fluctuations, electrostatic stress, ionizing radiation and more. Cyprus Amber together with its associates are agents of influence. They bewitch highly mobile individuals, penetrate into consumer goods, disperse themselves in the air, dust and water.

You are welcome to meet the Cyprus Amber, its ancestor the Umbrella Pine and the guiding Millipede and indulge your senses in Cyprus Amber Healing Sessions with an unpredictable outcome.

Collaborative project with:

Katerina Neophytidou interdisciplinary artist based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Her focus is the exploration of the mutual Spaces of Transformation between human and environment. The observation of the interactions of universal forces and sociopolitical transformations fuels her research.

Music by:

Marcus Ernst Papageorgiou, composer, drummer and sound engineer based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Often characterised by lack of obvious repetition, his work blends complex electronic beats and constantly evolving structures, revealing an intricate relationship between human and machine.



Maria Stepkina, curator based in Helsinki. Her main focus of interest is in co-creation, co-thinking and possible modes of togetherness and collectivity.


Special thanks are given to Paul Mira for helpful assistance and to Makariou Papadopoulos for professional advices


Selim Projects
Satamakatu 5, Helsinki
13 -28/09/2019



Ilina Chervonnaya

Do not hesitate to contact me 

© 2017 by Ilina Chervonnaya

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